3 Electrical Engineering Department

  • Research

    The main research areas of the department are:

    Electrical Power Area:
    •Smart Grids
    •Renewable Energy Sources
    •Power Systems Modeling
    •Transmission and Distribution Lines and Cables Transients 
    •Power quality
    •Buildings Energy Efficiency
    Electronics-Automation-Communication Area
    •Non-destructive Testing
    •PLD development
    •Nuclear Technology
    •Special Purpose Robotic Vehicles
    •Materials Technology
    •Active Safety Systems
    The Department has organized a number of International Conferences related to its areas of research, i.e. 

    It has also developed cooperation with Educational Institutions and Institutes in Greece and abroad, Companies/Organizations of the Public and Private Sector, Regional and Local Authorities like:

    • Public Power Corporation (PPC)
    • HEDNO
    • University of West Macedonia
    • National Technical University of Athens
    • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    • Patras University
    • Democritus  University of Thrace
    • Hellenic Institute of Metrology
    • TU-Berlin - Germany
    • Iowa State University - USA
    • Research Institute ISE Germany
    • Istanbul Technical University (ITU) - Turkey
    • UPC Barcelona - Spain
    • Technical University Cluj-Napoca - Romania
    • Municipality of Prespa
    • Municipality of Amyntaio
    • Municipality of Kozani



ΤΕΙ of Western Macedonia
Koila Kozani, Zip: 50100, Greece

Department Chair:

Georgios Christoforidis

Contact tel. numbers:

24610 68237

24610 68141

Administrative staff:

Arabatzi Dorothea

Contact tel. numbers:

24610 40161-4 intern. 223

24610 68223